Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mercedes-Benz - G 350 With BlueTEC Technology

With the 80th International Motor Show in Palexpo-Geneva fast approaching, auto makers have released a slew of information not only on new models but on transformational technologies as well. Though they have been behind their counterparts from Japan historically, European car makers have sped up their adaptation of “green” technologies this year. And joining the likes of Porsche and BMW, Mercedes-Benz just announced a new environmentally sound vehicle at the newest entry to its popular G-Class SUVs.

Fondly known as “G-Wagon”, the ruggedized sports utility vehicle is the preferred vehicle of Middle East Sheiks and Beverly Hills soccer moms. It is also the standard issued transportation for the Australian Defense Force and German Army. Now in its 31st year, the G-Class SUV will undergo a slight update with the new BlueTEC technology from Mercedes.

Adopting to the efficiency of diesel-powered vehicles, engineers at Mercedes developed BlueTEC as a way to further reduce diesel vehicles’ emissions, especially nitrogen oxide (NOx). By introducing its patented AdBlue urea solution to the exhaust gas, BlueTEC is able to alter 80% of the nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and water. Engineers also created a easy refill method for AdBlue - simply add the solution to a separate blue valve while filling up at a pert station. A full tank of AdBlue equates to 12,000 kilometers or 7, 450 miles.

Armed with a V6 diesel engine, G 350 is still able to generate 210-hp yet only emits 50% of the emission when compared to the model from previous year, a significant improvement indeed.

All pics & info via www.freshnessmag.com

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