Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celsius X VI II

Celsius is a company determined to use the most innovative watchmaking designs to power a cellphone. It's not entirely clear whether this first iteration, called Celsius X VI II, will be completely powered by its sophisticated Tourbillon movement, but at least the clock on the front will stay wound using this intricate technology:
"Based on complex micromechanics, this innovation has its name — "Remontage Papillon" (butterfly rewinding) — spelled out on the top wing. Its presence has much to do with making this creation a favourite among enlightened enthusiasts. This ultimate appeal is an asset that opens up new horizons, as Celsius X VI II begins to explore mechanical functions that will revolutionise the world of communications, things never before seen or heard that in the future will become a major sector of the prestige market."

All pics & info via www.dvice.com

Celsius, via Gizmodo and TechEBlog

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