Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello Kitty DAP from Iriver powered by Swarovski

Launched today, this limited edition is priced at 9 980 yens, and has been pimped by Swarovski
Besides this little change, our DAP features almost same things, like 4GB of internal Memory, and the MP3 and WMA compatibility.

Supporting the Drag & Drop music transfer, this new Digital Audio Player also provides 5 Preset EQ (“Normal”, “Classical”, “Jazz”, “Pop”, and “Rock”), as well as a S/N ratio of 90dB, 13mW x2ch output, and a bandwidth reproduction of 40Hz – 20,000Hz.
Compatible Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, this Hello Kitty DAP measures 45.2×17.0×35.5mm for 17.5g.

Via Iriver

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2010 Harley Davidson Forty Eight

Harley's Forty-Eight (From $10,500) is the latest in their Dark Custom line, a hot rod-inspired line of bikes with raw, industrial styling. Its brutish appearance is backed by a 1200cc V-Twin engine and features a classic 2.1 gallon "peanut" fuel tank, blacked-out hardware, low Sportster seat, and chopped rear and front fenders.


All pics & info via www.acquiremag.com

Avatar Collectible Dagger Replicas

There are four 19-inch replica knives in the series: Jakes Na’vi dagger, Neytiri’s dagger, Na’vi braided dagger and the Na’vi curved dagger.

Product Page: Jake’s Na’vi dagger / Neytiri’s dagger / Na’vi braided dagger / Na’vi curved dagger (£80 or $129—Pre-Order for 2/25)

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Monday, January 25, 2010

LG serie 1 retro classic tv

The retro-styled LG Serie 1 television doesn’t just look like an old set, it actually uses good old CRT technology.
The set features a 14-inch diagonal screen, complete with rabbit-ear antennae and chrome legs. It even has old-school knobs for changing channels and adjusting volume. However, this set has a modern digital tuner, composite video for your retro video game console, and a wireless remote so it’s not completely antique tech.

The sets are available in the orange color shown above (model 14SR1EB) and a dark brown (model 14SR1DB). At this point the LG Serie 1 Retro Classic TV is currently only available in Korea, where it currently retails for 249,000 KRW (appx. $216 USD).

[photos: EarlyShop]

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Biggest Gas Guzzlers: 2010

Bugatti Veyron Starting price : $1.7 million MPG : 14 highway/8 city

Lamborghini Murcielago/Murcielago Roadster (Tied) Starting price : $354,000 MPG : 13 highway/8 city

All pics & info via www.broccolicity.com

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Motus Motorcycles

Motus Motorcycles, a new startup motorcycle manufacturer based here in the United States, has some grand plans in the works to change the perception – right or wrong as the sentiment may be – that American motorcycles are slow, rumbly, V-twin powered behemoths. The first salvo fired by Motus will be a new sport touring motorcycle called the MTS-01, which will be powered by an all-American V4 engine. Much of the architecture of that power plant will be instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the classic American V8.

Katech, a Michigan-based firm that supplies engines to General Motors and its Pratt and Miller Corvette racers, designed and engineered the cam-in-block (push rods instead of overhead cams), two valve per cylinder, 1650cc engine, which is expected to put out around 140 horsepower and possibly as much as 120 pound-feet of torque. Modern updates to the tried-and-true design are capped off by gasoline direct injection technology for improved performance and cleaner emissions.

Source: The Kneeslider

All pics & info via www.luxist.com

Toyota - Prius G Sports Concept

It was launched at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The obvious upgrade is the stunning full body kit that is said to improve the aerodynamics and fuel economy as a result. As well the Toyota Prius G Sport is equipped with LED day time running lights, dual exhaust system and 18 inch alloy wheels wrapped in high performance tires. On the inside the interior is improved with custom steering wheel, Recaro sport seats, aluminum pedals, black piano trim and an all new information display.

As far as the engine is concerned, it has not changed from the standard Prius with 1.8 liter four cylinder putting out 73 kW (99 PS) at 142 Nm of torque.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Concept : Nissan - Urge

It looks like Nissan will be reviving the Urge Concept car that debuted in 2006 as it was seen at the recent Detroit Auto Show. Initially this concept car was designed with the aim of contending against the Mazda MX-5, however now that the roadster is discontinued, Nissan has brought the concept to life and it looks like the Urge may see the show room floor much earlier than expected. The three year old design still feels fresh and with a futuristic yet contemporary interior to match it will be interesting to see how the crowd and critics will react.

via: autoblog

All pics & info via www.freshnessmag.com

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Concept : BlitzenBenz sports car

Inspired by the original Blitzen-Benz from 1909, designer George Yoo has developed a futuristic racing vehicle concept to take the Mercedes-Benz’s long lived racing heritage into the future. Entitled the “BlitzenBenz,” the concept car generates power from an advanced Hygenius hybrid hydrogen engine propelling four in-wheel electric motors. The sports car also includes a hydrogen storage tank in the side pocket, underneath the cockpit, to show the fuel level in a small window, creating the sense of water being recycled throughout the vehicle.

The exterior of the BlitzenBenz is made of intelligent and adaptable components that can be grown instead of manufactured, thanks to the latest developments in nanotechnology, which other than presenting an organic body structure also keeps individual wheel pods intact.

The wheel pods open like a flower bud to cool the built-in electric motors, while the cool-blue lighting system brings the bioluminescent capabilities of sea creatures to the vehicle.

Via: Diseno-art

All pics & info via www.thedesignblog.org

Cectek Quadrift 500EFI ATV

The Cectek Quadrift 500EFI is a revolutionary quad bike that adding featuring a sleek and neat design seems to change our perception toward all-terrain vehicles. Designed particularly for on-road driving, the new quad bike presents more protective bodywork that other than protecting the rider from road spray and fragments also gives it a more refined look.

Lying somewhere between a motorbike and a compact car, the Cectek Quadrift 500EFI generates power from a 500 cc engine, capable of producing 20 horsepower, to reach 40mph in just 5.2 seconds, while the transmission is controlled by a clutch less CVT unit.

Running on average car tires, the Quadrift 500EFI reduces reduce tire noise and fuel consumption in a huge way in comparison to their off-road counterparts. Moreover, the vehicle comes with a range of accessories, so the riders could customize the vehicle according to their needs and likings.

Via: Diseno-art

All pics & info via www.thedesignblog.org

Peugeot SR1 Concept Car

Peugeot SR1 Concept Car | This pretty Peugeot will be purring at the Geneva Motor Show this March, a new concept car which will be the first to bare the redesigned lion logo. The Peugeot SR1 Concept Car is an all-wheel-drive turbo hybrid that’ll push 313 horsepower while sipping gas at a rate of 48 mpg.

The Peugeot SR1 will be powered by Peugeot’s HYbrid4 Technology, a combination of a 1.6L turbodiesel engine for the front axle and a 95 hp electric motor on the rear end. It’s low on fuel intake, quiet on emissions output but remains a speedy continuation of Peugeot’s focus on performance.

[peugeot via autoblog]

All pics & info via www.thecoolist.com