Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The iPod A-Box Speaker

Thodio’s new A-BOX integrates a high quality speaker into a ’50s style military ammo box—so load up that MP3 player with songs like the theme from the A-Team and the Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black.

Description :

the A-BOX is made of 1mm steel plate fortified from the inside with 6mm trespa and made as inert as possible with vibration dampening material to ensure a ridiculously good sound for piece of metal.

the A-BOX comes in 2 models: the light version with 2 x 25 watts rms amplifier and woven glass fiber speakers (carbon color) this model will cost 350 euros. and the heavy version sporting 2 x 70 watts amplifiers and woven kevlar speakers (the yellow material used in bullet proof vests) this version will be selling for 475 euros.

both versions have indication lights in the bass tube which will indicate the status of the battery with white, orange and red colors. the heavy version however has an extra feat, indication lights behind the speakers which will warn against distortion when driven too loud. this gives a funky disco effect when driven slightly to loud.

The A-Box also features a rechargeable battery and the ability to connect your MP3 player on the outside or the inside of the box.

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