Thursday, March 25, 2010

Concept : Taurus

Riding this Taurus looks way cooler then riding the Segway ! Don't you think so?

[ AtCrux - Taurus – Safe and zero emission urban transportation concept ] VIA [ Jalopnik ]

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HTC EVO 4G Review Surfaces

Revision 3, MobileCrunch got their hands on the highly anticipated HTC EVO 4G and provide us with brief video reviews. For those who aren't familiar with its data speeds, this handset it "capable of sharing its 4G connection with up to 8 WiFi users.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skeleton Bicycle

Eric Tryon has made a very cool skeletal bicycle. It's fully functional and the arms and head move whenever you make a turn.


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Strider’s sword from Lord of the Rings

Since the release of “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring,” collectors and fantasy movie fans have been waiting for the Strider’s Sword. However, the wait was worth it as the second sword in the Master Swordsmith’s Collection of swords is now open for orders. Priced at $5700, the creation of master swordsmith Peter Lyon is available here on a first come, first served basis.

Via: Uber Review/Nerd Approved

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Hornet is a one-wheel super bike, designed by Liam Ferguson. Powered by dual 74 hp (55 kW) in-wheel hydrogen fuel-cell six-phase Neodymium-Iron (Nd-Fe) electric with a top speed at 235 km/h.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celsius X VI II

Celsius is a company determined to use the most innovative watchmaking designs to power a cellphone. It's not entirely clear whether this first iteration, called Celsius X VI II, will be completely powered by its sophisticated Tourbillon movement, but at least the clock on the front will stay wound using this intricate technology:
"Based on complex micromechanics, this innovation has its name — "Remontage Papillon" (butterfly rewinding) — spelled out on the top wing. Its presence has much to do with making this creation a favourite among enlightened enthusiasts. This ultimate appeal is an asset that opens up new horizons, as Celsius X VI II begins to explore mechanical functions that will revolutionise the world of communications, things never before seen or heard that in the future will become a major sector of the prestige market."

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Celsius, via Gizmodo and TechEBlog

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The world’s first diamond iPad

Here comes the world’s first Diamond iPad from Goldstriker Amosu Mervis Diamond Importers, who we have earlier featured here for their world’s first diamond dreidel. This precious version will feature a diamond studded frame featuring 11.43 carats of diamonds, hand-set in a micro-pave styling. The diamonds are graded G/H in color and VS2/SI1 in clarity.

This diamond-studded iPad adorns a $19,999 price tag and is available in limited quantities.

Via: Luxist/Mervis Diamond

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Buick Streamliner

This Buick Streamliner designed by Norman E. Timbs in 1949 has beautiful curves but it almost deserves to be a boat!

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Väth - V58 (SLK55 AMG)

German tuning house Väth specializes in turning up the heat on already well equipped Mercedes-Benz models. The latest addition to their stable is the V58 based on the SLK55 AMG which is already a high performance roadster that is powered by a 5.5 liter V8 producing impressive 355 horsepower with 376 pound feet of torque.

Väth was obviously not happy with that performance and almost doubled its power output to 565 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. A total engine overhaul and retuning results in this kind of improvements and the maximum speed is clocked at 193 mph. Full exterior revamp has been performed as well giving it an even more aggressive exterior via aero kits and 19 inch wheels. Interior is given a fresh upgrades for a sportier aesthetic matching the rest of the vehicle.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The HMK 561

The HMK 561 is a carbon fiber bike with special electrical properties that hold power right inside the frame. Carbon fiber is highly conductive so the designer uses it as a power distribution network instead of wires.

The power drives the lights and the motors in between the rims but get this… there’s regenerative braking. All that energy drives a system that turns the wheels using a counter-turning axel in lieu of gears and chains.

Designer: Ralf Kittmann

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Concept :Lumeneo Smera

The lumeneo smera is a two seat electric car that has all the perks of your standard sedan in an ultra-compact package. the car concept was recently shown at the 2010 geneva motor show and was also featured in designboom’s article on electric motorcycles and scooters. While many automakers were showing off electric versions of their standard lineup, the Lumeneo Smera rethinks the car from the ground up.
The car weighs just under 1,000 pounds and packs a 15-kilowatt electric engine under the
hood. When the smera turns corners it leans right into them, twisting on its chassis.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ARM guy: 50 tablet computers coming out in 2010

This is going to be like the netbooksplosion that happened after the EeePC hit. Roy Chen, a big man at ARM, said at a press meeting that they expect perhaps 50 tablet computers to be made available worldwide in 2010.

Some of these will be knockoffs, some Android devices, some this or that or the other thing, and of course all of them are going up against the iPad and will likely measure their specs against it and not each other.

[via Wired] For more info click here !!!

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Sony Fusion

This is the Sony Fusion, which has a surface that opens up to reveal a workstation with an adjustable screen and touch sensitive keyboard. In addition to these features, it has a DVD drive as well as an LED outlined keyboard. It certainly looks like it could easily be a desk in the classroom of the future.

These desks cost $3,000 each!!!


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Bugatti 16 C Galibier Edition

Bugatti’s first modern four-door sedan was revealed this week at the Geneva Motor Show, just a few months after it was first teased to the press. To say the new Bugatti 16 C Galibier Edition is breathtaking would be an understatement, as this return to original form is a stunning achievement for the French automaker.

The Bugatti 16 C Galibier Edition takes the brand’s emphasis away from the now trademark sectional front-end design for a more refined appeal. Earlier renderings showed the 16 C with its typical raised grill and dropped headlights in blue and silver, but the design here seems to have unified these sections in an all black paint job.

Bugatti was originally known for luxury, and while this emphasis never really passed, the focus of the mark seemed to be on performance. That Bugatti grille and back-end logo look so comfortable on this design, as the emphasis on luxury seems to have returned to Bugatti’s primary focus– at least in this vehicle.

Cost : $ 1.6 Million

[bugatti via nvelt and notcot]

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[Review] Kohjinsha Dual Screen DZ Notebook.

Kohjinsha Dual Screen DZ Notebook Specs:
- AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 @ 1.60 GHz
- 1 GB Ram (4 GB Ram Maximum)
- ATI Radeon HD 3200
- 160 GB Serial ATA 5,400 rpm
- 10.1 TFT x2 Monitors with a 1024 x 600 resolution on each ones

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