Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 Matech Ford GT1

the Ford GT. Swiss Team Matech Racing has found considerable success racing Fords, have piloted their team of three GT3s to a class championship only two years ago. Naturally, success inspires creation, and Matech has been working diligently to finish their GT1, which they promise to be completely new.
According to test driver Thomas Mutsch, “[N]ot a single element, be it the engine, the transmission system, the suspension or aerodynamics are the same;” this kind of drive towards continued victory leaves no doubt that the Swiss team has created a monster.

Matech will be simultaneously testing their newest creation and trying to put together a comprehensive racing team from a pool of seven drivers. The car will make its media debut March 1st, but until then, enjoy the high quality video the team has put together, aptly titled ‘Matech Symphony No.1.’

All pics & info via www.swipelife.com

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