Tuesday, January 5, 2010


With no drive train or performance numbers to go on, we are left with the flowing aesthetics of the MG6’s sheet metal. All lines appears to start at the MG6’s octagonal badge and continue towards the rear of the car; MG manages to avoid the now-common rising line that has affected every manufacturer from Mazda to Maserati and has complimented its sedan with beautifully done door sills and wraparound taillights.

The interior has a no-nonsense fit and finish, with dark leather and hints of aluminum trim it will certainly appeal to the masses. Trying to branch out of Europe, MG has opened a facility in Lingang, China; sales will start in both Europe and Asia in 2010 in an effort to expand MGs sales and keep the company on track.

Source: Car Body Design

All pics & info via www.swipelife.com

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