Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Concept : BlitzenBenz sports car

Inspired by the original Blitzen-Benz from 1909, designer George Yoo has developed a futuristic racing vehicle concept to take the Mercedes-Benz’s long lived racing heritage into the future. Entitled the “BlitzenBenz,” the concept car generates power from an advanced Hygenius hybrid hydrogen engine propelling four in-wheel electric motors. The sports car also includes a hydrogen storage tank in the side pocket, underneath the cockpit, to show the fuel level in a small window, creating the sense of water being recycled throughout the vehicle.

The exterior of the BlitzenBenz is made of intelligent and adaptable components that can be grown instead of manufactured, thanks to the latest developments in nanotechnology, which other than presenting an organic body structure also keeps individual wheel pods intact.

The wheel pods open like a flower bud to cool the built-in electric motors, while the cool-blue lighting system brings the bioluminescent capabilities of sea creatures to the vehicle.

Via: Diseno-art

All pics & info via www.thedesignblog.org

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