Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NASA Puffin

The puffin is an airplane concept created by NASA aerospace engineer Mark Moore. The vehicle is
designed for personal flight and utilizes an electric engine. The airplane would be 3.7m long with a
4.4m wingspan and take of and land from a vertical position.

The user would essentially standup in the plane and be able to fly with their head poking out through the glass tip of the plane. The plane's tail splits into four legs that support it during take off and landings until it closes during flight.  Because the vehicle uses an electric engine it would have no emissions, presenting an environmentally friendly flying option for a single user.

This is further amplified by the plane's light weight of 136kg and battery weight of 45kg. Moor estimates that the plane could fly in the air at around 241 km/h with a battery range of 80km. While it is just an idea now, you may see something similar in the skis soon.

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