Monday, December 7, 2009

Mercedes Hybrid F-Cell Roadster

In a hitherto unique project bridging various fields of profession (and letting tradition meet the future), the trainees of Daimler AG at the Sindelfingen Mercedes-Benz plant, have built a Roadster with fuel cell drive, the unique and gorgeous F-CELL.

From a functional standpoint though, the F-CELL is a roadster fitted with a 1.2 kW hybrid drive – one that allows it to reach a top speed of 15 mph and achieve an operating range of 217 miles. However, what truly shines about it is the design itself, as it manages to blend the overall aura of the original Benz patent motor car (out of the year 1886) with seating and a fiberglass front section both drawn from elements of Formula One racing. Not to mention a joystick that takes the place of the conventional steering wheel.

Responsible for its birth, this project involved more than 150 trainees and dual education system students from the fields of automotive mechatronics, model-building, electronics, coating technology, manufacturing mechanics, product design, and interior appointments (for more than a whole year) and its prime objective was to actually integrate the topic of alternative drive systems into training with hands-on experience.

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