Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Machine-gun-packed $1 million Batmobile is out there

Visibly inspired by Batman, this distinctive Batmobile comes from Sweden and it almost looks like the original 1989 Batmobile. This replica of the Batmobile was built using a 1973 Lincoln Continental that took three and a half years to bring this stunner to life.
While the fun element looks more dominant from the outside, getting to know that the replica is packed with gadgets and has built in satellite navigation, voice recognition, machine guns, reversing cameras, a DVD player, a plasma TV and even height adjustable bodywork, it just distances itself from the very popular campy Batman.
Little in the way of detail has been provided about what’s under the hood, but the 700-horsepower techno-sportster is a one-of-a-kind creation, and the construction cost of over $1 million will probably make a lot of fanboys lose sleep over this.

VIa: Gizmodo/GeekyGadgets/Dvice

All pics & info via www.bornrich.org

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